FINE ART Howard Jones

Working out of doors as often as I can, the weather, light and local history are the biggest influences on my work.

Within these elements I look to find my shapes, textures and storyline. I aim to convey the sort of play-offs between what is fleeting and what is age-old and timeless.

The structural form always comes first. It seems to present itself through lines and angles, followed by tonal contrast, then the textures. It is within the textures that the storyline evolves. I’m looking for the marks that people make on the land.

In practical terms, I have studied the works of many artists over the years and tried many of their different techniques. As a result, it seems to me that things that are learned second hand have a unique value by the fact that we will always interpret them in our own way.

The painting technique that is currently dominating my work is an ongoing exploration into finding different ways of applying paint to paper. This method involves delivering rich pigment with one brush and then distributing the still wet mix with another. A sort of delivery and distribution technique.

I am influenced by earlier artists such as John Blockley, Joan Eardley, Osi Rhys Osmond, John Piper and currently the contemporary styles of David Tress, Chein Chung Wei, Jamie Wyeth. These individuals for me seem to hold one thing in common, the ability to convey emotion from the simple everyday aspects of life. I strive to attain these qualities in my own work. My aim is to encourage the viewer to look beyond the face value of the subject matter. I would like them to engage on not just a visual level but on an intellectual and emotional level too. Folk art has also fascinated me and may play a part in future developments.