CRAFT Jade Sims

Jade Sims is “Olla! Homeware”

Young, newly graduated designer maker ceramicist Jade Sims from Milford Haven has been passionate about the arts since a young age but it is only in the past year of her degree course at Cardiff Metropolitan, after taking a Foundation Course at Pembrokeshire College and attending Milford Haven School that she has started to work with ceramics.

“It is the constant surprises that are revealed that drive me on to experiment and develop” she explained.
“Olla! Homeware” – created by one woman army Jade Sims is a range of fun and quirky items designed as a ceramic collection for use throughout the home. Jade was keen to have a brand to develop her range so she decided on the name “Olla” which is Latin for pot.

She explained “Taking inspiration from vintage palettes, Olla! pieces are classic, created with a contemporary twist, making them timeless with the ever changing trends. Through the use of combined materials, various clays and a palette of glaze colours, each piece can be customised to individual tasteor for the new home it will live in.”
“Due to my love of pewter it was inevitable that I was going to combine the materials. This resulted in three outcomes, a cup holder, a vase neck and a lid with a spoon. The contrasting shiny smoothness of the metal sits perfectly with the matt texture of ceramic.
All Olla! pieces are beautifully functional, made for positive interaction and the desirability to use and make your own.