FINE ART Lynn Parr

As a mixed-media artist I use different materials and techniques in an attempt to capture a scene at a particular time; to share with the viewer a glimpse of that ephemeral moment.

Walking and canoeing in the countryside and along the shores of Pembrokeshire allow me to absorb the wild essence of a place – a crashing wave, a still river, summer grasses in a verge.

I am inspired by dramatic light, the movement of wind and water, the sense that nature is in control and humans are insignificant.

Most of all, I try to depict the feeling of what it is like in that place at that particular time. My work is intuitive, often coming from within when I have no specific idea when I start where I am going, only that I want to express the emotion of a fleeting instant in a certain place.
My work is in private collections around the UK and in the USA, Germany and Australia.
Occasionally, I collaborate with my husband, Ben Dearnley, to create artworks that bring our shared love of living in West Wales to life.