CRAFT Sue Thorne

Nature and the landscape of Pembrokeshire never fails to inspire.

A walk along the Pembrokeshire Coastal path provides me with much to work with. Not least the coastline with it’s amazing geological sights, the Green Bridge of Wales, the steep cliffs of Lover’s Leap, and the sweep of Whitesands Bay.

Looking closer and I see a wheatear looking for insects in the brambles, a fulmer sweeping in to roost, a gannet diving for fish. I listen and I hear the sound of the skylarks high above and the cry of the oyster catchers as they scurry along the shore line.

Once back in my studio I use these images to paint on glass. I apply Rueche colour, which I mix with lavender oil. It is a traditional material used by artists from medieval times. I manipulate the paint with natural haired brushes while it is still wet. This allows me to work with texture and tone to create my image. When dry, fine detail is scratched into the surface with a needle. The glass is then fired in the kiln to fix the image.

This method of painting glass is also incorporated in the fused glass pieces, I paint between the two layers of glass. The layers are then ‘fused’ or melted together in the kiln to become one.

Glass art will never wear away or fade with the light, making it a perfect medium to display in a sunny place. My work will sparkle keeping the magic of Pembrokeshire fresh and alive.