FINE ART Mavis Evans

After a long absence from making artwork I took up a paintbrush in January 2020. This work using ink, acrylics and wax is a combination and semi-abstraction of separate sources of inspiration and my enduring attraction to old buildings, decay, and disintegration.



As I walked alone in the empty streets in the time of the virus lockdown, sometimes visiting the ruins of the Old Priory in Haverfordwest, I also took in the fenestration on the High Street, the windows in different states of repair; and the background views from my flat in the centre of town all combining in my subconscious. So many windows.

I visualised lives feeling safe behind their closed windows, locked-in away from the virus in the same way that the priests in their priory felt secure until Henry VIII ordered the brutal ransacking and destruction of all catholic buildings.

In bad times this allows me to have a sense of continuity from the past to the present and to feel that one day there will be normality even if it is a different one.