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Waterfront Gallery Summer Exhibition

The summer exhibition at the Waterfront Gallery in Milford Docks features the work of 2 different but similar professional artists.  Both `plein air` self- taught painters Peter Cronin and Howard Jones from the valleys of South Wales enjoy passing their skills on to others and both tutor on painting holidays and give private tuition in Pembrokeshire.  Both are totally passionate about their work.  The exhibition opens on Thursday 28 July and continues until 2 September with an opportunity to meet and talk to the artists on Saturday 5 August from 2.00pm till 4.00pm. Water colour painter Howard Jones explained "Working out of doors as often as I can, the weather, light and local history are the biggest influences on my work. Within these elements I look to find my shapes, textures and story line. The structural form always comes first.  It seems to present itself through lines and angles, followed by tonal contrast, then the texture.  It's within the textures that the narrative evolves.  I'm looking for the marks that people make on the land." The painting technique currently dominating his work is an ongoing exploration into finding different ways of applying paint. This involves delivering rich pigment with one brush and distributing the still wet mix with another. "A sort of delivery and distribution technique" he calls it. "I'm trying to convey emotion within the simple every day aspects of life. My aim is to encourage the viewer to look beyond the face value of the subject matter and to engage on an emotional and intellectual level as well."

Although watercolour and mixed media get the lion's share of Peter Cronin's attention his favourite medium is whatever he is currently working in. Peter describes his practice. "I endeavour to use pure transparent watercolour to record the inherent and latent beauty I witness in our natural and man-made environments. The use of lost and found shapes and edges enables me to tease the image from its background, hopefully resulting in simple evocative slightly impressionistic paintings. In my oil paintings I strive for a direct approach on textured boards with as little layering as possible." He continues, "I love to be out in all weathers. The layperson may asume that painting is only the concern of the hand and eye, but like many artists who often work outdoors, I find that my best work is produced when all the senses are fired up. It's a form of hunting where a subject is spotted, time is fleeting, everything goes into overdrive and within an hour it's all over, and either you've caught it or it's eluded you for another day."

The gallery is open Monday to Saturday from 10.30am till 12.30pm and 1.30pm till 4.30pm.


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