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The Spring Collection at the Waterfront Gallery

The Spring Exhibition at the Waterfront Gallery in Milford Docks has opened with work from over 40 different artists and craft workers. They say wherever you are in Pembrokeshire you 're never more than 10 minutes away from the sea, so with the emphasis this year on the WTB theme "Welsh Year of the Sea" it seems there will be ever more emphasis on the coast around our county which is nothing new for the Waterfront Gallery.

The sea and its coastline has always brought inspiration to artists, Turner, Sutherland, et al, and it's the same at the Waterfront. The creative spirit can be seen in the quite different work from gallery artists, for instance, two both called Jon who prefer to work outside in the elements close to their subject matter.

Young sculptor Jon Foreman a land artist from Milford, currently a guest at the international Llano Earth Festival in Texas (where they specialise in rock sculptures) who works with sand, stone and driftwood is showing photographic images of his amazing ephemeral structures made on the beaches of Pembrokeshire. Contrary to the traditional idea of art being permanent Jon's work is short lived, washed away by the sea or the weather. In complete contrast Jon Houser from Sageston who paints `en plein air `with oil on canvas can frequently be seen, hat on head in all weathers, on the many beaches and coves around our coastline sketching and capturing the tones and atmosphere of the light on the sea for his representational work..

Another artist who only works outdoors is award winning wildlife photographer Paul Richards who splits his time between Pembrokeshire and Norfolk. This year he has 3 shortlisted photographs and one highly commended in the Bird Photography of the Year Awards which are now on show in the gallery.

Director David Randell explained, "We're showing some of our regular exhibitors alongside a number of new ones, two new photographers, John Street showing his macro images and John Slater is showing his `Frozen in Time" series of flowers. Also on show are Ray Burnell's small oil and acrylic landscapes, brightly coloured large impressionist landscapes from Ken Maycock, traditional watercolours from Graham Hadlow, textile work from Riitta Sinkonen-Davies, and felt scarves, bags and brooches from Joy Jenkins."

Artist Ruth Sargeant is presenting her subtly coloured bold, yet fragile abstract mixed media work heavily influenced by the landscape and atmosphere of Pembrokeshire alongside her white delicate porcelain ceramic vessels. Award winning painter John Cahill continues with the intricate details of his large North Pembrokeshire dominated work and Luke Kite has made wildlife-based metal and wood sculptures.

The exhibition continues until Saturday 28 April and the gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday 10.30am till 4.00pm, closed for lunch 12.30 till 1.30pm.


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