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One man show at Waterfront Gallery

The artist Adrian John's one man show which opened at the Waterfront Gallery in Milford Docks on 7 September showcases work of great personal significance to him.

Born and bred in the Afan Valley, Port Talbot but now resident close by the Haven Waterway in Pembrokeshire his work depicts representational street scenes and the industrial landscape much of it on large canvases which seem appropriate for the subject matter and which range from valleys street scenes, his old school, the local refinery and Haven Waterway to a large-scale pencil drawing of Snowdonia.

His meticulous finished work goes through many stages starting with the use of grid lines to map out the perspective and proportion of the piece, followed by several acrylic washes to block out the colour and create undertones after which he applies several coats of water mixed with paint which he believes help control the balance of the composition prior to the final coat of oil paint.

Initially Adrian studied for a BA in Painting and Drawing at Swansea Metropolitan. however, as he explains, "My direction was lost and quickly precipitated regret, frustration, and a whole host of 'what ifs', and apart from the odd commission over the years it further ignited a sense of loss and a wonder of who and what I was supposed to be doing."

He continued, "After seventeen years since my art education it took an adversity to finally stop the regret and start answering the questions. In 2015 my life was changed through illness, and this paved the way to follow my dream and become an artist.

"Whilst in hospital a friendship developed with a fellow patient who had been a ward resident for quite some time. We shared common interests, initially in music and then art and I noticed he had been relieving the monotony of the day with sketching, so to relieve my restlessness, he kindly gave me paper, charcoal and pencils and I decided to repay the favour by using the materials to sketch a portrait of him and it was this, the 'something to pass the time' that redirected me back to art. Something that has been fulfilling my life ever since".

The gallery is open from 10.30am till 4.30pm and closed for lunch from 12.30 till1.30pm. The exhibition continues until 28 October.


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