CRAFT Moriath Glass

A half-minute walk from the house to my studio where the glass sits quietly glinting, calling.

The table is set out, ready, cleared from yesterday’s frantic rush to load the kiln.

I stand at the bench…..on my right the glass cutter, pliers, tweezers, spoons, sieve, pen and ruler. On my left assorted pots of powder and ground glass, stencils, enamels, feathers and silver leaf. I pick up my cutter, take a breath and make the first scratch.

Using the heat of the kiln to manipulate glass in its variety of forms – sheet, powder, enamel – and taking it through a multitude of firing schedules I create windows onto worlds. They are landscapes inspired directly by the local area – from the Ceredigion/Carmarthenshire border where I live down to the coastal park here in Pembrokeshire.

I live and work in a small studio near Newcastle Emlyn surrounded by fields, woods and big skies, close to Cardigan Bay, the Teifi and Towy rivers, the hills of the Preselis – Carningli, Foel Drygarn, Carn Menyn. Endless skyline inspiration. That line which defines the space, defines the vastness of the landscape. The edge of the broad vista. The balance of boundaries, the line between worlds.

Layers of colour, paint, pattern, texture and print make up each window. The spaces within each piece are as important as the areas of colour – they add depth and a perspective, the ability to glimpse through as well as onto each window.

Lose yourself in the landscape, feel the wind on your face, inhale the sea’s breath, hear the raven call.

Cwm Silio - large curved fused glass panel
Pastel Ferns - detail of fused glass panel with real fern fronds
Criss-Cross - fused glass pendant and earrings
Bird Rock - fused glass freestanding panel - Copy
On A Clear Day - detail large fused glass curved panel
Meadow - fused glass pendant and earrings