3 DIMENSIONAL Sally Amoore

Sally Amoore is an award-winning British sculptor. Her limited edition bronze wildlife sculptures focus predominantly on animals found in Africa, where she grew up.

In recent years, moved by events in Afghanistan, Sally has also created a series of military sculptures that depict life on the frontline for Britain’s armed forces.

Over the course of her 10-year career, Sally’s work has gained a reputation for its truthful representation of the natural form, winning acclaim at exhibitions across the UK.

Sally grew up in Kenya where she developed a deep passion for the natural world. She began her career using pastels before switching to clay, which leant more depth to her portrayal of animals and allowed her to express the essence of her subjects with greater verisimilitude. Where possible, Sally attempts to sculpt from life. She frequently returns to the African plains to observe her subjects in their natural habitat and has undertaken expeditions in Central Asia and the Himalayas.

Sally lives on a small farm in western Wales, close to the foundry that casts her sculptures in bronze.