FINE ART Anne Farrall Doyle

From a young age, always my companion was drawing, and after viewing the Hollywood films, I could escape into another world of drama & imagery which I could try to create with my pen.

I was born in Cheshire and studied at Stockport College of Art, following which I spent an informative period in an Advertising Agency. Eventually working as a free lance Illustrator gaining an International reputation as a fashion & figurative artist.

After many years experimenting and using most mediums, watercolours predominantly, I now find oils & mixed media give me the means in which I can work freely, always excited & involved within this partnership of creation.

My working world is necessarily a solitary one. After a morning sketching, planning and sourcing materials the moment arrives when I’m drawn to my project, to allow the canvas & colours to open up to me my mind’s picture. I work quickly; hands flying & shaping around the canvas, finding a balance a form, eventually when all is evolving I begin to work on another level of intuition, I am now trusting to my inspiration & experience, through memory & emotions, creating texture & multiple layers trying to escape the banal, the expected. This is my joy & pain of painting.

My work has evolved from the representational, through Impressionism to presently tapping into new areas of exploration whereby creating a story or emotion without an observational subject. Taking now, inspiration, from the natural world within & without our planet.
I am now living in Pembrokeshire and can give thanks for the beauties of our planet & hope my paintings achieve a little of this earth’s wonder.